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TheBigHouse is a venture catalyst and economic development partner leading initiatives from concept to capital to community™ :

We invite you to explore TheBigHouse and learn about some of the brands we've built in-house over the years that together now represent a full stack of tech and talent in service to ambitious entrepreneurs and the thriving communities they help define.


When You Complete, You Can Compete™

Fueling academic, corporate and community venture development—providing leading technologies and innovative programs guiding public, private and non-profit partnerships.

Combining incubation, acceleration and talent development assets typically found at venture studios, with the ethos and framework of a non-profit community development fund,


From Concept to Capital™

Relevant growth strategies & award-winning media for clients @ any stage, from Crowdfunding startups to Fortune 500 leaders

We identify market opportunities and then mentor ambitious job creators in growing startups from seed to scale and communities from crisis to comfort.


Timeless Advice, Right On Time™

Our work in finance starts with a capital C—from Crowdfunding to the public marketplace, our practice unleashes human Creativity, attracts Capital and earns Community Currency (aka Social Capital).

Outsourcing, offshoring and failing governance has pushed so many once thriving American communities into crisis—TheBigHouse is committed to designing and defending equitable, diverse, robust innovation ecosystems vital to attracting and retaining the vibrant human capital needed to restore and sustain prosperity, locally.



As entrepreneurs first, we know the challenges of building something of value. As writers, designers, speakers and strategists, we help clients and communities get there safer, smarter, sooner.


An Economy for the Rest of Us™

A non-profit organization implementing a paradigm-shifting framework guiding communities-in-crisis from restoration to growth and sustainability.

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TheBigHouse is an architect and advocate of sustainable communities. We encourage you to look through the presentation linked below to learn how our non-profit partner, the Sustainable Communities Corporation, works with communities in crisis to help restore vitality and generate prosperity for all residents. We look forward to your comments and questions on how this paradigm-shifting economic development framework could work for your community.